Monday, June 23, 2008

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Exciting news!!!!

So I told you in an earlier post that we had been approved for a home loan and we were going to start looking for the right house well we started looking and soon realized that for are price range we wanted to stay in staying in the valley so was not going to be an option so we started looking and we found a really great house and it was a total STEAL in Tooele I know it clear the heck out in BFE but the house is well worth it and we are basically robbing the guy for this house! It is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom split entry home it was built in 2001 and is still in amazing cond it has no landscaping ( part of the reason we are getting such a great deal) and and unfinshed basment so when we finish the basment it will give us one more bed room a half bath and a living room! We are so excited we close on the 30th and will be moving over the course of that next week! I am sad though that I have to stop watching the boys I am wtach they are all so sweet and I love there parents it is going to be very bitter sweet...I am more then like not going to be doing child care any more I have loved it but I am ready for a change I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years now and I am SO ready to get back in the work force! My sister and brother in-law both work for walmart as over night cashiers and they talked to there supervisors and got me a interview this week for and over night "processer" so wish me luck that I get it!! Thanks every one and have a great day!!
Love, The Neagles

Happy Birthday Keira amd Kendrick!!!

Yep thats what I said....Happy birthday to Kendrick and Keira lol they have the same birthday June 13th I know it is kinda sad but what can you do??? Any who they had a really good birthday this year we got them a bike well a tricycle for Keira and they both got tonz of clothes and Keira we say ahhh cute to evey one it was precsious!!!! We had a birthday/fathers day bbq and my siblings came over to celebrate we ate , had yummy cup cakes made by yours truely and then opend presents and the every one watched a movie while I cleaned the kitchen .....I know I know I just can't stand a messy house even if we are having a party I am always the one cleaning up before it is over!!! Anywho this is also a hard day for me because Caleb's feelings get hurt alot because he is watching his brother and sister get all these cool new fun thing and he gets nothing he get very sad and it breaks my heart but we also have to teach him a very valueable lesson that it is not his birthday and on his birthday he is the center of is just heart breaking becuase he thinks he is getting left out!!! It leaves me feeling very torn on what is"right" to do!!! Other then that it was a good weekend the kids had fun and I hope Josh had a good fathers day I was pretty sick with a cold that I have had for a month now that I can't get rid of so he kinda had to catter to me instead of me cattering to him oh well what can you do????

Josh's vaction

So In may Josh took a week of vacation and his parents came out to utah from alabama we were extremly excited because we had not seen them in over a year!!! We had a blast the kids loved it and they loved it we had lots of family over and even had one night were 14 people were sleeping here lol! They arrived on sunday evening and monday night we went to wendover it was fun but we had s[ent the day at the gateway mall in the sun so we all got tired really quick!!! Wednesday we went to dinner at the road house with Josh's step dads son and his wife Jerry jr and Cindy they are so nice and tonz of to be around! the rest of the week did lots of shopping and ate out way too much I gained 4 pounds in one week...YUCK luckly I lost it really quick when I went back to my low fat diet! it was lots of fun and we really coudln't have asked for a better vaction!!! Love you Cynthia and Jerry!