Monday, April 19, 2010

quaker products for .40 can't beat it!

This last week at smith's they had most of there quaker products on sale for 1.00 and in the albertson's and macey's add they had 3.00 of 5 quaker product manufacter coupons so I ran to walmart add match my stuuff to one dollar used my coupons and cha ching .40 a box....this is a killer deal especially becuase my family goes through cereal and granola bars way fast!

Dinner super cheap!!!

So this weekend was Josh and I's 5th wedding anniversery and we wanted to go to one of our favorite place for a special dinner so I got on to and wha la I got a us a 25 gift card for 3.00...yep thats what I said 3 dollars! The are a few stipulation to the gift card you have to spend at 35 dollars and it's not good on promo items and achohol. so we each ordered and got drinks and to put the tab to 35 we ordered desert to go after our gift card it came to 13 and some change we lft a 20 for a tip...AWESOME we went out to a super nice dinner fo 23.00 dollars gottta love saving money!!!!