Friday, September 18, 2009

Been way to long!

SO we have been crazy busy the last few months with Summer activitys. potty training Keira......witch was a total nightmere but I am happy to say she is almost there she is peeing in the potty all the time now were are working on the poo poo part but I am staying confident that we will get there! We have done so many funthings this summer we have gone to a few fairs, wheeler farm, bowling,lots os swimming, we also went up to Josh's grandmas cabin we have had a ton of family dinners and BBQ's witch have been lots of fun watched a ton of ufc fights witch we love! (by the way we are getting the machida fight so if you are intrested let me know all is welcome). It has been a really fun summer and I am SO not ready for it to end I was really sad when school started and I can slowly feel the weather changing and it makes me sad...tear! So Kendrick started 2nd grade this year and he loves it he is teacher is awesome and he really likes her. Caleb started pre school this year as well and he adores it. I think it will be really good for him...and it has givin me a chance to hang out more one on one with my lil princess and let me say she is a totally different child when she is not around her brothers...alot nicer I must say! I just had me birthday a few weeks ago and it was really good I have the most wonderful family thanks guys! My sister had her baby at the beging of summer and she is such a cutie pie I just adore her and love watching her on wednesdays!other then that we have just been working a ton and being crazy busy! sorry I am not good at keepinmg up with the blog thing I will try harder lol! Also my long time friend Crystal and her husband Jeff our having a really hard time right now they son that was extremly premature is having health isssues right now so if you could just say alottle prayer for them thanks!
Much love,