Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial day weekend!!!

So we had a really great weekend on saturday Josh had to work so I just hung out with kids at home and then we made some yummy nachos and watched the ufc fights! On sunday we had a b day party in slc for some of really good friends Steve and Kaylene's son Hunter I used to watch him as baby and now he is 3 wow how times flys! he is so cute and it was awesome to hang out with old friends! then monday we decided to go to the Zoo it was a blast the kids so enjoyed it it was a bit busy for my tatse but, fuin over all we got to meet baby Zuri my kids thought she was sooo cute! she is darling and so playful! Keira really enjoyed the monleys...but, would get mad if she couldn't see them right away!!! Kendrick is so smart he knew basically every aniamals name before we got to them he would say that is blank blank kind of monkey...he is really funny! Then after we stopped by Josh's grandma's so he could mow her lawn it was way over due and he wanted to do something nice for her!!

shakeology vs.....

So as some of you know I am an independent beach body coach...witch so far I am loving it I get to share my passion for fittness with others and make some money in the process! i also get really great discounts and get to buy new workout programs before they are available to the public like turbo fire!!! so excited for that! one of things I am able to sale as a coach is Shakeology "the healtiest meal of the day" it is truely amazing product..I wouldn't tell you unless I beleived in it my self! it seems expensive but, when you counter in your get a huge precent of your daily veggies and fruits all your viatamins and probiotics just to name a few it is actually qiute cheap.. don't beleive me see what the doctors have to say please visit my site and see if it's worth it to you! and click on the doctors link...actually read all about it! very amazing product!


So whenever i get bored of something but, i know it's good for me I try to throw in a twist so I will like it again like I love a basic green salad but, sometimes lettus tomatoe cucmber and green onion gets...wel boring so the other day I threw in some apple and strawberries...YUM! I also like to put in crasins and almonds or walnuts! tell me what you do when you get borded of something??

Way to go Kendrick!!!

So last week at schhol they did there annual b ike give away basically every 100 minutes you read you get a ticket put into the drawing to possibly win a bike they have one boy and girl for k thur 2nd and guess what Kendrivk won!!! whaahoo! we were so happy for him and proud of him because, he really read so much this year! way to go kendrick! we also took him out to dinner that night for all his hard work this year! he choose wingers his all time favorite next to anything pizza!!!