Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter/ christmas fun!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lot's of ramdomness...

So here are some pictures from like the last month and a half....we have had so much going on since the last post so there are pics from thanksgiving, black friday shopping with my sister in-law and her sister....SO MUCH FUN!!! some pics from christmas decorating, Kendrick school chritmas party as well it has been lots of fun!!! So what been going on at the Neagle casa....well I am on my last few weeks of work at u haul and then I am re starting my in home day care I already have a few children and am still looking for one more full time child but, I may have one more lined up so I am reallly excited about that. Josh is still at az tile he really enjoys it! He has been fighting some really nasty sinus infections this year witch has been really hard on him so I pray that he will not get any more!! Kendrick is a 2nd grader and he is doing amazing he is a straight "A" student (they don't give them "A"'s the just give them numbers but same difference") He loves school and he has a really awesome teacher this year we love her!!! Caleb is in pre-school he loves it as well he c an count to 10 say his ABC's and write his name we are so proud of him he has some so far in the last few months and I can't thank his teacher enough she is so patient with him! He really loves her and so do we!!! And last but not least the princess...litlle Keira she is as fiesty as ever she is def my child that was sent her to test my she is so smart and so darn funny but that girl can push your buttons I tell ya! She cracks us up though she is a barrel of laughs! SHe is fully potty trained (THANK THE LORD) so I am all done with diapers...and anything baby YAYAYAYA!!! I know this is so cleche but she is really 3 going on 25 she is reallly obsesses with...TATA's lol and the other day she said "mom do I have boobies?" I said "no" and she said " well when are they going to grow???" I said, " not for a long time" and she said, " well can we just go to wal-mart and buy me some then" lol I laughed so freaking hard so there you have it she truely is 3 going on 25 lol!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

fun with Grandma!!

So last week Josh Mom came out from Alabama for a visit! she sated at our huse for a few of the days she was out here and it was alot of fun! We love you Grandma!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My funny girl!

So for the last month we have been working on potty training Keira and I hope I am not jinxing my self right now but I think she is pretty much potty trained she still has trouble during the night but during the day she is a peeing machine and she got the poop thing down too I am so proud of her and now as promised I need to buy her a barbie!!! also i atached a pic of her from a few days ago when she decided to dress her it was hilarious she always does this she changes her clothes and shoes several times a day and this is usually what she comes up with! well I don't think she is a tred starter but she gets brownie points for trying!!! Love you lulu buns!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Been way to long!

SO we have been crazy busy the last few months with Summer activitys. potty training Keira......witch was a total nightmere but I am happy to say she is almost there she is peeing in the potty all the time now were are working on the poo poo part but I am staying confident that we will get there! We have done so many funthings this summer we have gone to a few fairs, wheeler farm, bowling,lots os swimming, we also went up to Josh's grandmas cabin we have had a ton of family dinners and BBQ's witch have been lots of fun watched a ton of ufc fights witch we love! (by the way we are getting the machida fight so if you are intrested let me know all is welcome). It has been a really fun summer and I am SO not ready for it to end I was really sad when school started and I can slowly feel the weather changing and it makes me sad...tear! So Kendrick started 2nd grade this year and he loves it he is teacher is awesome and he really likes her. Caleb started pre school this year as well and he adores it. I think it will be really good for him...and it has givin me a chance to hang out more one on one with my lil princess and let me say she is a totally different child when she is not around her brothers...alot nicer I must say! I just had me birthday a few weeks ago and it was really good I have the most wonderful family thanks guys! My sister had her baby at the beging of summer and she is such a cutie pie I just adore her and love watching her on wednesdays!other then that we have just been working a ton and being crazy busy! sorry I am not good at keepinmg up with the blog thing I will try harder lol! Also my long time friend Crystal and her husband Jeff our having a really hard time right now they son that was extremly premature is having health isssues right now so if you could just say alottle prayer for them thanks!
Much love,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Kendrick and Keira!!! We love you!

So June 13th is my oldest and my youngest birthdays I know I know it is weird but true lol! So anywho we had a birthday party for them this year on there actual was lots of fun but really crazy especially because they had a another birthday party they attended early in the morning and the there was a huge accident on i80 right were it connects with 201....this the freeway most people use to get into tooele...the only other way is really long and go throughg eagle mountian, anyway my brother got stuck in there for 4 hours and Josh's brother for about 2 and 1/2 I felt really bad for them but we are glad they eventually made it because it would not have been the same without you guys! that brings me to my next few things I want to say first my brother Ron...he is honestley the best brother I could ever asked for he is kind generous and very loving especially with my children he is awesome and I just want to let him know how much we love him!!!!!! Now my birthday kids....Kendrick, my 1st and oldest he is such a special boy his heart is so huge and tender he is very nurturing and caring he doesn't like to hurt peoples feelings or disapoint anyone but, he is also very spunky he like to tell lots of storys and make people laugh or just laugh himself! I feel so lucky to be his momma he is a really amazing child that is growing up to be an amazing man I love you little chicken butt!
My little baby gurrr Keira she is my youngest and our princess she is so beautiful yet so fisty she is def a firecraker! She is very loving but very hard headed she likes things one way and that is that no if ands or buts about it! She is a mommas girl most times unless I am the one doing the punishing them it all about the daddy lol! She is very girly she loves princess stuff ,she loves her hair to be done well not the actaul doing it but the finshed product! Ohh and the lip gloss it is must she would put it on all day if I would let her! I love this little girl to peices though is my daily challenge I can't get enough of that silly grin and her sweet smooches I love you lulu buns!!!

Brothers for life!!!!

I just had to take a moment to say that my little caleb is so funny! Him and Kendrick are best friends but he just really hold a special place for Kendrick in his heart he just thinks he is the coolest guy ever! From the minute he wakes the minute he goes to sleep he need to know where Kendrick is what he doing and why, it is so funny he always say my Kendrick, I love Kendrick, Kendrick is my best friend it is really precious.....what is even funnier is that he has decided that Keira is not his sister! LOL!!!! well I hope I am not boring you all I just had to take a moment to tell you all how cute I think it is! I love you little (Bebops) Caleb!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Miss. Zaylee Rae is born!!!!

So my baby sister had her BEAUTIFUL baby girl today Miss. Zaylee Rae She was born via C-section at 6:03 this morning weighing in at 6p 13oz and 19 inches long. She is perfectly healthy and absoultly beautiful, She has a head full of beautiful black hair! I am so excited for Ashley and just had to write something about today! So CONGRATS ASH she is amazing!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A bunch of sickys!

well the last 2 weeks have been super say the least! It started with Caleb getting pink eye and I thought it was gone and then what do you know bam all three kids had it but, that wasn't even the half of it Kendrick had this horrible cough on and off and I just thought it was a bad cold and was treating iot with dimeatap and triaminic....but it just wan't getting any better infact it got worse and his pink eye was the worst of all and the drops didn't seem to help what so ever so I took him in and what do you know he had a sinus infection, bronchitis , pink eye and an underlying asthma $214 dollars later we have been pumping him full of meds and breathing treatments...luckly I already had a breathing machine so we didn't have to purchase one of those! It doesn't end ther though now I am REALLY sick I have been laying on the couch for 2 day trying to decide if I should go see the doc or not! well thanks for listening to me whine!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alot of randomness!!!

This blog will be mostly pics...and I swear i am going to try to get on here more so I don't always have to have an over load of info when I blog. I just get so busy and then by the time I force my slef to actually sit down and do this I have so many pics and alot of sorry!!!

SO the pics.... I put some of the newest editon to our family Miss. Sydnee she is a "doxi pin" so half mini dashund (weiner dog) and half mini pincher. She looks more like the weiner dog than any thing, she is lots of fun but also lots of work so we are just taking it day by day right now!

ALso I put some pics of Keira's room...since living here I had not really had the chance to decorate her room so the other day me and my mother finally did it and I like the way it turned out I still have a few things I want to do but I am happy with it for now!