Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday shmunday oh how I do not like mondays....

Well the weekend went by way to fast as always lol , but it was a good weekend we did some shopping and I got my hair cut.....yet another horrible cut I can't stand it I just wish they would cut it the way I ask them what can you do huh????

So I have started the chore of potty training Caleb witch I can already tell is going to be hard.....He is super stubborn and bribes don't really work with him we have tried every thing we can think of with him...this is actually like the 3rd time we have tried potty training so please cross your fingers for me and send me luck we need it...hahaha he can be a real turkey bum!!

Ok well I think thats all I have to say today I am just kinda board so I thought I would say HELLO to HELLO!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

slide of easter and more

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hunting for eggs

Well Hello everyone I am sorry I have updated in FOREVER!!! Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter our was lots of fun the kids had a great day Josh fixed up some French toast for breakfast and we let the kids got hrough there baskets and then at around noon we took the boys to see Horton hears a was a really cute and sweet movie!!! Then in the afternoon we had an egg hunt out back they loved it Keira needed coaching at first but after that she was so excited to go look for eggs....alot of them were broken though because the night before when we colored Keira broke most of the ones she colored She just got so excited she would pound them on the it was cute!

The kids are all growing up so quick Kendrick is in kendergarten and he loves it so much and he is doing really well he does have a pretty bad lisp though so he is going to be starting speach therapy soon! Caleb is actually not in speach therapy any more he was not excepted to the early start pre school the will be re testing him soon though, but he is doing super good he is speaking in sentences now and we can understand more daily I am so happy for him I just want him to be at the same level as kids his age so this is reallly alot of you know even a year ago Caleb bearly spoke a word so we are more then satisifed!!! Keira is a our personal DIVA she is full of personality and she has a mean streak she is my little fire craker she is still teeny tiny (19 pounds) but don't mess with her she is meaner then she looks lol no she can be very sweet to as long as she gets her way she kinda bossy she is all about girl stuff too she LOVES her "bebes" (babies) she kisses them and feeds them and carries them around it is cute she also love to get her hair done and it so long that I am loving it I can do so many cute things with it now!!!

Josh Is still at Uhaul he does not love it but they have been good to us and the insurance ROCKS, I had to have surgery in January I have endometreosis and had to have it removed and our insurance paid for it in full that was really nice!!! Josh and I our coming up on our 3rd wedding anniversy YAY I am excited!!! Josh's 31st birthday is also in April......all though I already bought him a 32" flat screen lcd tv.....Spolied huh? I am teasin I told him if I buy you this you HAVE to get me the treadmill I have been wanting for FOREVER...hahaha!

We are also in the work of getting everything started to try and buy a home hopefully by summer we will have to see though we are just going to stay optomostic and hope for the best....thats all you can do right???

I am still doing child care and I love it ...most days lol! I am watching 3 Super cute boys I adore all 3 of them they are such sweet hearts!!! I feel like I finally have my child care buissness going steady now at first it was rocky I babysat for 3 different familys in the matter of about 4 months it was really stress ful especially so close to christmas and just becuase you become attached to the children I mean you do watch them 8 to 9 hours a day so it is hard to get re adjusted ya know???

Anywho we are all doing really well and are super excited for this amazing weather we have been trying to go on a nice long walk everyday it has been really refreshing I need the warmth I hate winter and it makes me really sad so I am really happy for spring and summer!!!!!!!!!

Well I hope you all are doing well and I hope you enjoy the blog spot and I will updat!

God bless and lots of love,
The Neagles :)