Thursday, September 2, 2010


Septembers is here...and my budget begins!

Ok so i went shopping today to walmart and walgreens....14.50 at walmartI used 11.50 in coupons so almost half off...i also add matched all my produce over all i was happy with the trip! I spent 33.19 at walgreens witch seems high but if you take in account that My total saving between coupons advertised savings and walgreens coupons was 23.00 and the I recieved 15.00 in catalinas...(they are coupons that print at the register for use at your next trip) so I really only spent 18.19 BOOYA that is awesome savings!! I used a coupon for every item at walgreen exsept one..and I only bought it because it was free after the catalina so now I have 15 walgreens money to buy the rest of my milk this month and any thing else we need that is small! YEEHAW!I took some pics so you can see the goods I bought! so I have 112.31 left in my budget of 160 for the months...eeek it sounds small but, I know I can do it!