Tuesday, April 7, 2009

blog overload!

SO this is going to be a blog over load I have just b een so stinkin busy with kids the house and everything else I haven't had a chance to do anything with my blog! So lets start with the kids....Kendrick finnaly lost not one but 2 teeth and now he has a 3rd loose he is loving 1 st grade but can't believe this school year is almost over, He is in the top reading class at school and he is in chapter books now! Caleb is doing awsome is fully potty trained...finally it took so so so so long to get him there now I just need to get Keira potty trained and Keira is our little spit fire princess hahaha she is so meanto her brothers and any one who dares to cross her path.....she stands in time out at least 10 times a day if not more it is rediculos but we still can't get enough of her!

SO we added to our little family we got the cutest little dog she is called a doxi- pin ( half mini dashund and half mini pincher) she is a doll we named her sydnee!

So what else have we been up too?? Well we finshed our basement and then me and Josh painted it had rcwilley carpet it and now the boys have a new room downstairs and there own living room! we also put our yard in FINALLY!!! so even though this weather is CRAPPY! it is keeping my grass nice and wet YIPEE!!

Josh's birthdaqy is coming up soon as well as our 4th wedding anniversy! We our thinking of going on a a mini vaca yay!!

As soon as I can I will up load some pics on here I have tons!