Saturday, May 9, 2009

A bunch of sickys!

well the last 2 weeks have been super say the least! It started with Caleb getting pink eye and I thought it was gone and then what do you know bam all three kids had it but, that wasn't even the half of it Kendrick had this horrible cough on and off and I just thought it was a bad cold and was treating iot with dimeatap and triaminic....but it just wan't getting any better infact it got worse and his pink eye was the worst of all and the drops didn't seem to help what so ever so I took him in and what do you know he had a sinus infection, bronchitis , pink eye and an underlying asthma $214 dollars later we have been pumping him full of meds and breathing treatments...luckly I already had a breathing machine so we didn't have to purchase one of those! It doesn't end ther though now I am REALLY sick I have been laying on the couch for 2 day trying to decide if I should go see the doc or not! well thanks for listening to me whine!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alot of randomness!!!

This blog will be mostly pics...and I swear i am going to try to get on here more so I don't always have to have an over load of info when I blog. I just get so busy and then by the time I force my slef to actually sit down and do this I have so many pics and alot of sorry!!!

SO the pics.... I put some of the newest editon to our family Miss. Sydnee she is a "doxi pin" so half mini dashund (weiner dog) and half mini pincher. She looks more like the weiner dog than any thing, she is lots of fun but also lots of work so we are just taking it day by day right now!

ALso I put some pics of Keira's room...since living here I had not really had the chance to decorate her room so the other day me and my mother finally did it and I like the way it turned out I still have a few things I want to do but I am happy with it for now!

I know this is way late but as promised here are some pics!

Here are the easter pics I promised to put up and more! ENJOY!!!