Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter/ christmas fun!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lot's of ramdomness...

So here are some pictures from like the last month and a half....we have had so much going on since the last post so there are pics from thanksgiving, black friday shopping with my sister in-law and her sister....SO MUCH FUN!!! some pics from christmas decorating, Kendrick school chritmas party as well it has been lots of fun!!! So what been going on at the Neagle casa....well I am on my last few weeks of work at u haul and then I am re starting my in home day care I already have a few children and am still looking for one more full time child but, I may have one more lined up so I am reallly excited about that. Josh is still at az tile he really enjoys it! He has been fighting some really nasty sinus infections this year witch has been really hard on him so I pray that he will not get any more!! Kendrick is a 2nd grader and he is doing amazing he is a straight "A" student (they don't give them "A"'s the just give them numbers but same difference") He loves school and he has a really awesome teacher this year we love her!!! Caleb is in pre-school he loves it as well he c an count to 10 say his ABC's and write his name we are so proud of him he has some so far in the last few months and I can't thank his teacher enough she is so patient with him! He really loves her and so do we!!! And last but not least the princess...litlle Keira she is as fiesty as ever she is def my child that was sent her to test my she is so smart and so darn funny but that girl can push your buttons I tell ya! She cracks us up though she is a barrel of laughs! SHe is fully potty trained (THANK THE LORD) so I am all done with diapers...and anything baby YAYAYAYA!!! I know this is so cleche but she is really 3 going on 25 she is reallly obsesses with...TATA's lol and the other day she said "mom do I have boobies?" I said "no" and she said " well when are they going to grow???" I said, " not for a long time" and she said, " well can we just go to wal-mart and buy me some then" lol I laughed so freaking hard so there you have it she truely is 3 going on 25 lol!!!!