Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas village

So we went to chritmas village a few nights ago and boy was it fun the houses are so cute and the lights were beautiful the kids loved it exsept keira was cold so we ended up carring her most of the time wraped up like a "baby" as she was while we were there we got hot cocoa and a cookies and they we extra yummy we also saw santa for a 2nd time this year, we saw him at kendrick school as well during there little carnival they had I have pics from both but I only have the pic from christmas village on my computer I will get the other one soon! I am so proud of all 3 of them they are not afraid of him at all they sit right on his lap and when Santa asked Keira what she wanted she siad I want candy...a candy cane just becuase she could see them lol Kendrick said both time to santa that he wanted an x box...I have a feeling thats not going to happen fro him this year...sorry bud, And Caleb said the first time I want lots of presents and the second time he kinda just went off on armable of different thing it was really cute though and the santa was authentic real beard and all! I am having so much fun this year I have made a point too do alot of fun things for chirtmas this year with the kids and they have so enjoyed it as have I! I still can't beleive christmas is less than a week away I am getting so excited!!! well Merry christmas all and remeber what chritmas is really about not about what you can stuff under your chritmas tree or how much you spend but about your childrens smiling faces and the way they say I luv you and about being close with the people we love most in this world and last but not least but Keep Christ in our hearts!!! Please have a safe and Merry chritmas everyone with all the love my heart can hold Jessica!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's begining to look alot like christmas!

So I am so excited this year for parents are here it just give me a true feeling of joy to have them near I had missed them so much! So on alighter note I got my whole house decorated last week...I know I was a little slow but I finally found the time and I did it! I have pics of that and of our thanksgiving but of cours my camera is in the car...BOO!!! The kids are all very excited about chirstmas this year and the lights every time we drive by a house that is decorated they ohhh that is pretty ya they thinks it is candy but what they hay! We are going to chirtmas village tonight in ogden I am super excited I loved it when I was a child and I think my kids are going to love it too!!! SO this year we just didn't have the money to spend on chirtmas like we normally do but I still think we got them a really great christmas and I have been talking to the kids about how it is better to give then recieve and that there are familys and children that won't even get one gift this year and that we need to help as much as we can so we had alot of old toy and toys that they never really play with any more so we put them all together and put an add up on ksl in the free section they were gone with in a few hours and it felt so amazing to see this ladies face light up when she picked up the box she said thanks you so much and have a merry christmas it was AMAZING!
Well merry christmas every one and have a happy new year!!!