Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keira "new" do....

So yesterday Keira was being so quiet and well I thought good....not a chance that would just not be her! anywho I went to check on her and as I was walking twoards her room i saw a chunck of her hair on the floor....yep she cut her own hair and alot of it...there was hair every were and so we took her in and now she has a really short little sad i loved her long beautiful hair!!! I shoud have took some before pics but, I was so upset and heart broken I didn't but I posted a before pic of when she had her long hair and an after...I have to keep it curled now it hide the all different lengths a bit better and her bangs start all the in the back due to the fact in the front she cut all the way to the scalp=( I am so dissapointed she had such long gourgous thick hair and now she has a little boyish cut! at least it grows back huh...I am praying for her hair to look naormal by kindergarten that give her just over a year!!!