Friday, May 21, 2010

So excited...

I am so excited for my new adventure as a beachbody independent Coach...please feel free to check out my webpage at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

coupon maddness

So check this awesome deal out...this week at walgreen they have htere new shick hydro razors on sale for 7.99...sound pretty normal maybe even a touch expesive for a razor but if you clipped this sunday's coupons you know you have a $5 off coupon for this razor...2.99 sound even better but, it doesn't stop there if you purcahse this at wlgreens you get a $5 register rewards good on you next purchase so it like geting paid to shop also if you buy the cartraiges you get and additional $3 register reward...awesomeness!!!

check it out... this is my cooking blog...have fun!

Student of the month....

So Kendrick was the march student of the month and this momma couldn't be any prouder he is such a good kid he is so kind and thougful and a really hard worker. His grades are very important to him and he always srives to be better I love Kendrick so much and am truely blessed to be his mother!!!! Also are a few pics from valintines....the box Kendrick made and some treats we made super easy and cute!!!

Silly heads

We went out to eat a month or so ago and the waitress gave them all a an ice cream cone and Keira...well she got a little WILD with it! I took one of Caleb and can't find it...oh well=(

warm weather fun left as fast as it came....=(

We have had such a weird spring a few warm days and alot of cold wet ones but, we have soaked up the sun as much as it comes out! I just hope it gets alot warmer soon I hate the cold!

easter pics...finally=)

So ya I am not good at the blog thing but, oh well here is some of our easter pics. First off for anythat don't know Keira cut most of her hair off a few days before easter I was really upset she had such long beautiful hair so I was pretty disapointed that she wouldn't be able to do something fun with her hair for easter...her hair still looks pretty bad but, we are more used to it used to it as you can be I guess! Anywho we had a really nice easter we went to church, had an indoor eater hunt and I made yummy beef stew for dinner. The kids had a fun day enjoying there easter gifts and other then that we relaxed and took it easy!