Thursday, October 2, 2008


Wow I had not even realized it had been so long since I had posted! So as most of you know we are now happily living in our new home in tooele...witch we love but wish we could move the house to west jordan....we just love west jordan! Kendrick is in school now..the 1st grade holy crap I feel old! He loves school and he has started to read extremly well I am so proud of him..he is also my big helper boy we I appreciate so much! Caleb and Keira are doing amazing....I finally got Caleb potty trained he still has some accidents but I am always on top of it about getting him on the potty! Keira I just don't think she is ready so I am not really pushing her yet! Me and Josh are both working for uahul right now...but we are hoping for a big change soon so keep us in your prayers ok...thanks! So as a whole we are doing really good we recently traded in our gas guzzler and got a 2008 hyundia is really nice and it does AMAZING on gas and thats what is really important! So I don't know if alot of you heard but my little sister recently went through a rough divorce and could use prayers as well!!! Thanks!!! Sorry I feel like this is short and too the point but here are some pics form the last few months!


Stephanie said...

It's about time you posted. lol
Just kidding...sounds like things have been busy. We need to catch up soon. Hope you are all well!

The Fabulous Foursome!! said...

Wow... your back on! I was staring to wonder what happened to you! Lol.. Well I am glad things are going so well in your world... And BTW... I love your curtains! LOL

Stephanie said...

Hey time for a new post again! lol
How are you?