Monday, January 4, 2010

New years "GOALS"

I HATE making new years resoltions you never keep them and then it just makes you feel crappy in the end so I think I will stick with goals....I am a firm believer that if you have goals and you never share them or write them down you probably won't achive them because until you do share them they are jusdt dreams!

so here we go with goal making!

1) I want to continue down my weight loss and fittness journey since about 4 months ago I have been doing a really awsome workout system and have lost 10 pounds I have about 5 more I would really like to lose....Also when I stared this I was eating really good and since the hoildays arrived I just got really off track with the eating part of things so I really want to get back on track with that!!

2) I want to spend more quality time with my kids doing things with them that they actually like doing not what I want to do with them....My kids are so amazing and I think sometime we forget how special they are!!!

3) I want to read more I have discovered a love for reading but with my tight schdule and kids sometime i just don't have time so I want to make more time for this!!

4) Spend more quality time with my best friend and husband Josh he is reallly the best person I know and I can't think of eny one I would rather spend my time with we always have a blast togeher and make each other laugh so hard...we painted our house of the chirtmas break and it was so fun he is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

5) Not dwell on things I can't change sometimes you have to accept that "it is what it is"

6)Be more creative...I am always saying I want to try and make that or do this i really want to follow through on those things

7) last but not more and take more time to enjoy the small thingsI forget to do this alot so i want to get better at it!