Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Septembers almost here!

So septembers almost here...I am super excited to stay with in my goal and not over spend! So I have some money saving tips and ideas for you guys that may help if your thinking about couponing!

MOney saving tips-

1- make your own cleaners...they work just as well and are WAY cheaper! The recipe i like is 1/4 cup vinagar and a few drops of your favorite dishsoap! You can find other good recipes at

2- use half the recommened amount of laundry detergent in the wash...yes your clothes will still be clean and they will still smell great! I PROMISE!

3- cut you dryer sheets in half ...again i promise your clothes will still smell great and be static free. another good one is but liquid fabric softner pour it into a container that has a lid but 2 sponges throw them in the tub and sqeeze them out and throw them in your dryer this will last a long time!

4- turn your water heater down a few notches you'll see a difference

5- instead of running your ac all the time open some windows and turn some fans on occonially espically right now the weather hasn't been as hot.

6- use your towels more then once...just make sure to hang them up so they can dry

7- wear your pj's more then once...unless your swaeting like crazy you should be abl;e to wear them 2 nights and this really cuts down on your laundry load i also try to waer my pants 2 times before washing them as well

8- EAT AT HOME!!! make and plan your own meals this will save you a bundle and it is healthier for you too! so before you shop write down 10 meals you will make and check to what ingredients you have and need and keep them in the house that way your not running to the store every day to get on item i also am a huge fan of sub one ingredient for another so if you don't have one thing use something else...there are lots of websites that tell you good things to substiute with.
Ok so now onto couponing

So if your new to it start slow it can be confusing espcially because every store has there own rules about coupons so if you have qestions ask them and always remeber if you have store coupons as well as manufacter coupons have them scan the manfactuers on first them then the store ones other wise ther register will beep and it will be a big mess!

to start off with couponing just get one sunday paper then work from there also print some coupons online and most people get the red plum in your mail box on tues...ya you know that pile of adds that you toss away...well you throwing away money if you don't pull your coupons out before you toss it!

Ok there are a few methods to couponing the clipless..this when you get your coupons you write the date on the front and then only clip the coupons you know your going to use because maybe a certain item is on sale...this is an ok method but, you tend to miss out on deals and heres why...some deals and sales aren't always addvertised so you get to the store and see something on a good sale and realize you have a coupon for it but, it at can be a total bummer! espically when it is an amazing deal like this one....i went to the store i didn't need dish saop but, i had all my coupons with me anyway and i saw there was some dawn dish soap on sale for 1.69 and i had a coupon for 1.50 off dish soap...and bam .19 cents for some dishsaop you can't beat it!

ok ok so your probably saying so how should I carry my coupons well there are several techniques one is just throw them in an envoplope again the problem with this one is you can only carry so many and envoples tend to tear easily 2) carry themin one of those ( can't thinkof the name) things that have the differnt files in them....expanding file??? they come in all different sizes i would suggest the smaller ones this is a goood technique because you can seperate your coupons in catagories so if your at the store you see an item on sale and you know you have a coupon for it you can go right to that catagorie and find it...I did this method for a long time i did like it but, i found as became more serious and was getting more coupons it was buldging and i felt like I was always going threw a pile of coupons soI switched to the binder method...I feeel it is the best method for serious couponers. Basically the binder method is just that you have a binder( you can get them for about 10...but, with all the back to school stuff going on right now you could wait a few weeks and they are going to clearance out and you could snag one for CHEAP!) so you have your binder then you purchase a few packs of base ball card holders the clear one in the base ball sxection(usually by the registers) these will hold your coupons so basically you divide your binder in to sections, health, condiments ect and then you put coupons in those sections that match your catagory so then when your ready to go shoppong you can make a list and then just flip threw your pages and clearly see your coupons...pull out the ones you know you want to use and put them in a different section of your binder and then as you shop and you grab the items you going to buy throw the coupons in and envoplpe or your pocket so you can have them ready at the register... I personallly pick a line that has a person or 2 in front of me so i have time to get my stuff up there before they start scanning so you can watch them scan to make sure every thing is scanning at the correct price and so when they scan my coupon i can watch this key because sometimes they miss one or it doesn't scan correctly don't let them bully you just ask for a manager to come and help they can usually fix the problem....and rember that you are actually helping the store by using coupons...yep thats what i said when you use a coupon they sent them in to the manufacter and the manufacters pays them the face v aule pluse around 13 cents so they are banking off of you using if you get a snotty cashier remind them of that!

ok now of to the next thing in couponing...prices before you buy decide what your willing to pay for a certain item like tooth paste i personally will only pay .25 to .75 cents for it and i stock up on it when it's on sale and I have multiple coupns for it. this is wear multiple coupon subscrptions come into play example.. if you are a family of 3 2 subs will do a family of 4 3 will do and so on I personally only get 3 but, it is what ever you feel works for you! so you have 3 to 5 coupons for crest for let's say .75 cents off and it is on sale this week for lets say 1.50 take away .75 and wa la .75 cents a tube and stock up that way when you run out you don't have to pay full price ok so Cereal the most i will pay is 1.25 for the good kinds not the crap again stock up ok so maybe you don't need 15 boxes but it stays good for a year i am sure you will use it up before then and again if you have 5 extra boxes on hand you will never pay full price for it when it's not on sale and you don't have coupons! ok so if your worried about cost on the subcriptions I promise you savings from your first trip will more then pay for your subscrptions and there are bloggers out there that have worked very hard to get reduced prices a good one is utah deal diva check her out . so you get it you decide a price that you are willing to pay for certain items and stick to your guns on it also don't be...umm how do i say this don't be a brand brat try new thing differnt brands don't only buy one brand if you have a coupon for a good deal on one brand of toilet paper but, maybe it's not your favorite kind try the other you might be suprised and like it!

DON'T MINDLESSLY SHOP.... if it's not on your list and you don't really need resist the need to throw it in your cart and buy it put it'll live I promise!

ok so thats all I can think of for now!!! have a good one!