Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My mothers day

So I hope all you mothers had an amazing mothers day...I know I did it was very relaxing and Josh did most of the work as far as the kids go I got a new phone...WOOOHOOO!!!! Kendrick was so sweet he had made me a pot with a seed in it and a cute poem at school but he had to give it to me a few weeks ago due to going off track but he still wanted to do something nice so he went and picked a flower for me in the front yard...ahh he is my little sweet heart!!!

So we are EXCITED we finnally got approved for a home laon andif every thign goes right we hope to be in our own home by summer YAY...other then that we are looking forward to next week Josh's parents are coming out we have not seen Josh's mom in over a year and Josh's Dad since we left FL in 2005 how time can fly so we have a week full of family fun planned!!! The main pic is so cute huh lol not to brag but....We took this before church ...yep I siad church. We went with some of Josh's longtime friends to this really nice church in sandy it is called mountian side baptist. The kids loved it but to be honest me and Josh are not really ready to be compleltly dedicaded to church but we feel all kids deserve to have god in there life and learn about him so we have made a commintment to each other to go every other week that is something we can live with right now! So I am just posting some pics I have taken over the few weeks and a few of them show what a terror I have Keira she is my lil mess maker so I hope you all enjoy!!!!


littlerad said...

You know I love the pictures the kids are so cute,i'm glad you had a great Mothers Day... And congrates again on the loan approval... Talk soon...