Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our mission to live a healthier life style and be fit!!!

Yes we do want to lose weight and be over all more toned but we are NOT dieting.....we are changing the way we live and are we doing this???? well I will tell you well lets start with I have ever since having babies tried to eat healthy and be more active but when your significant other doesn't follow in suit this can be VERY hard!!! Recently Josh decided he want to lose a few extra pounds and just be over all more healthy fisrt he decided to give up his beloved soda pop this is hard for him and will be a continued challenge for I know becuase I gave it about 1 1/2 years ago and it was HARD but I lost 10 pounds in oh about 2 weeks just from that alone! Anywho back to the point we got rid of all the bad and tempting food in our cubords and we have started going on a jog EVERY night we did 2 miles yesterday I am cooking healthier meals and we are over all just making better choices!!! I am so excited Josh is on board with this like I said it is so hard to stay on track when Josh is bringing home double chesse burgers and fries 2 plus times a!!!! So wish us luck!!!!


littlerad said...

Good Luck sweetie I will be praying for you both, also pray me and Dad we both need to do the same thing...

littlerad said...

I love the new back ground.

I'm tagging you for a Meme A 6 word Memoir of your self check my blog for the rules have fun...

jeffcam said...

I tagged you on my blog :)

Love ya,