Thursday, April 3, 2008

Potty training....Potty TRAINED!!!!! And Much more!

Hello Ok I posted a few days agos telling you all that I started potty training and though Caleb was very resistant to it he did and now he loves it...other then pooh pooh he has not had a pee accident for 3 days...wooohooo!!! We are extremly excited!!! He loves to go potty now he gets really excited and say wooohooo I pee pee in the potty and then we pour the pee in the toilet and flushes it and says bye bye pee pee see ya yaters!!!

Kendrick also wanted me to take a picture of him today becuase he was wearing a shirt that has a pattern and they are learning about patterns at school and if they wear something that has a pattern their teacher takes a pic of it!

Also i posted some pics of this weekend Keira fell asleep on my lap witch was really cute becuase she NEVER does that she is a busy body and never sit still for a minute so we had to get a cute pic.....I am only sorry that you have to see my fat thighs in it! Also i put pics of my new hair cut.....I really don't like it I was looking for the side swept bang that you see all these cute young girls wearing any suggestions let me know and does anyone even know if you can have side swept bangs with glasses???? I also added some other cute pics of Keira and the boys being silly the boys can balance corn dog sticks on their noses hehehe, and of bath time they were just being too cute! Well I hope you all enjoy and god bless,



littlerad said...

I love the pictures...

The Honeycutts said...

You're kids are so cute! :)

Gina said...

Hey Jess! It was so cool to see your comment on my blog! I didnt know you were a bloger too! How exciting! I cant believe it is time to potty train already! That is so crazy!! Time flies!